Men's Bath Set

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Make a statement with this black and white bath set.

- Black bath towel with white stripe

100% cotton black Turkish towel, stylish and lightweight. This towel is versatile and beautiful. Stylish and practical for use at home, bathroom, at the beach, camping or travel

- Private Collection Body butter (250ml) Night Sky

A rich creamy formulation to restore lost moisture and deeply nourish the skin. This formulation is enriched with eco-friendly ingredients Castor seed oil and Vitamin E

- Traditional Charcoal Soap Bar (160g)

Aloe and Bamboo fragranced. Activated charcoal is known to detoxify and re-energise skin with its deep cleansing abilities.

- Black Bath Mitt (KESE)

Since the beginning of the 14th century, KESE mitts have been used in Turkish baths for healthy, soft and beautiful skin. This exfoliating bath mitt, known as KESE (“kay-say”) Turkey are hand woven from natural fibers for durability.

  • Helps to open the pores of the skin, allowing easy removal of dirt, excess oil and sweat
  • Cleans, smooths and softens the skin
  • Removes dead skin cells and encourages healthy new skin cells to grow
  • Increases circulation and assists the lymphatic system and energises the body

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