Aromatherapy Massage Candle "Amour"

Aromatherapy Massage Candle "Amour"

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Inspired by mother nature and created by Bali Aromatherapist Lesya Pyatnichko

Madume Luna candles are plant based, and hand-poured in Cape Town using gorgeous re-usable glass containers with a wooden lid.

Made with plant essense, premium shea butter, soy wax, coconut oil and pure essential oils.  The warm candle wax /oil  is ideal for massage and leaves skin silky smooth, leaving skin moisturised and soft.

A therapeutic massage, combined with healing powers of essential oils is heavenly!

- 100% natural aromatherapy body massage candle

This hand-poured candle is all about Amour (pure love.romance.magic). It is a special blend known for its aphrodisiac properties. These candles are made in Cape Town, with therapeutic grade essential oils. 

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